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Maxar satellite resolution

Maxar’s Vivid and Metro products provide satellite image layers updated annually with 50 centimeter (cm) resolution coverage globally and 30 cm resolution coverage of major cities around the world.

. Higher resolution means that pixel sizes are smaller, providing more detail. For example, 30cm resolution satellite imagery can capture details on the ground that are greater than or equal to 30cm by 30cm. Anything on the ground that is less than that size will be blended with the surrounding area to make a 30cm by 30cm square. Mar 31, 2022 · For nearly a decade, Maxar was the sole supplier of commercial high-resolution satellite imagery for the Defense Department’s National Reconnaissance Office, which paid Maxar $300 million per ....

STAC items for Maxar satellite images will always have assets for a low-resolution browse image, cloud polygon in GeoJSON format, and sample points in GeoJSON format. The collection property is the name of the collection in the Maxar Catalog an item belongs to. Every STAC item in the Maxar Catalog belongs to exactly one collection.

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In addition to the more than one billion sq km of high-resolution optical imagery we collect each year, the Maxar constellation offers tremendous tasking capacity for customers. Flexible tasking options allow customers to select the imagery they need and how they need it—online, offline, via mobile device or directly into GIS.

In LandViewer we distinguish between and offer satellite data with low (>100 m/pxl), medium (~10-50 m/pxl) resolution a high spatial resolution (~1-4 m/pxl) for a diverse range of use cases. Original Modified “The higher the resolution – the more clear the image” Key Pros Of High Spatial Resolution.

Jul 21, 2022 · The San Diego Convention Center is shown in the above Maxar Vivid image. Satellite image © 2022 Maxar Technologies. With the new, multiyear agreement, Esri will use Maxar’s Vivid basemaps to upgrade nearly half of the global landmass in Living Atlas from 1.2 m resolution to 60 cm resolution..

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